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Innovative and transformative

Every business in our portfolio is a market leader. Each delivers exceptional engineering products and technologies that drive transformation.


Our businesses

Our portfolio of innovative and transformative businesses are leaders in their fields. They develop and deliver precisely engineered solutions that are shaping the future of the automotive industry.

As the market transitions to electrified mobility and green energy, we’ll continue to steer and develop our portfolio to deliver long term, sustainable value.



The world leader in drive systems and a trusted partner to global automotive manufacturers. GKN Automotive is the market leader in sideshafts, propshafts, AWD systems and advanced differentials. Its products drive the wheels of around half the world’s light vehicles, and it has been a pioneer in the development of eDrive systems, remaining at the forefront of electric vehicle powertrain technology.

At a glance

#1global drive system supplier
90%of global OEMs served 1
50%of all vehicles worldwide contain our technology 2
48manufacturing facilities
>25,000employees 4
~£4.4bnrevenue 3
1 Global OEMs refers to those with manufacturing ocations in more than one region; 2 Vehicles refers to individual nameplates of global OEMs; 3 2022 adjusted revenue, including revenue from joint ventures; 4 Employee and manufacturing facility stats include SDS joint venture




GKN Powder Metallurgy

GKN Powder Metallurgy is the world’s leading producer of sintered metal products and a world-class manufacturer of atomised metal powders. Its sustainable technology enables the production of parts with complex geometries, higher densities and improved physical properties.

At a glance

#1sintered metal components supplier
100%powder from recycled scrap metal
~10mcomponents every day
27manufacturing facilities 2
>5,000employees 2
~£1bnrevenue 1
>3,000customers worldwide
1 2022 adjusted revenue, including revenue from joint ventures; 2 excludes joint ventures




GKN Hydrogen is pioneering solutions for storing hydrogen and electricity. Using innovative metal hydride-based technology, it develops and manufactures storage systems which are green, safe and emission-free, helping support the world’s journey to net zero.

At a glance

H2At the forefront of renewable energy storage technology
16MWhenergy capacity deployed in pilot projects
A growing pipeline of commercial opportunities
Scaling to meet the increasing demand for clean energy
>150tons of CO2 over 15+ years
#1market leader in metal hydride hydrogen storage technology