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Advanced differentials

Torque management components enabling specific advanced driving features such as mechanical and electronic limited slip differentials, locking differentials and disconnect devices.


All wheel drive.

AWD systems 

Torque management components (being a power take-off unit and rear drive unit) for AWD vehicles with an East-West / transverse engine layout.


Battery electric vehicle, a light vehicle without an ICE which uses a battery to store the electricity needed to power the vehicle.

Constant velocity joint

A type of joint which allows a driveshaft to transfer torque via a variable angle at a constant rotational speed.


A product group of GKN Automotive which comprises sideshafts and propshafts.

Drive systems

Sideshafts, propshafts, and AWD systems.


The components of a light vehicle which transfer torque from the power source to the wheels.

eDrive system

The electric drive unit which is used to power BEVs, FCEVs and (along with an ICE) HEVs.


A product group of GKN Automotive, which includes AWD systems, ePowertain components and eDrive systems.


Electrified light vehicles, including BEVs, FCEVs and HEVs (but not including Mild Hybrids).


Fuel cell electric vehicle, a light vehicle without an ICE which uses a fuel cell to generate the vehicle’s power.

Global OEM

An OEM which produces light vehicles in more than one country and produces more than 100,000 light vehicles each year.


Global light vehicle production.


Hybrid electric vehicle, a light vehicle which uses both an ICE and a high voltage electric motor to produce torque.


Internal combustion engine and an ICE vehicle means a light vehicle powered by an ICE. 


Lithium iron phosphate / Lithium manganese iron phosphate.

Light vehicle

Passenger cars and light trucks up to 6 tonnes in weight.


Unless otherwise specified, means the global light vehicle market.

Mild Hybrid

An ICE vehicle which features a low-voltage electric motor to provide supplementary power to the ICE and ancillary vehicle equipment.


Original equipment manufacturer of light vehicles.


The drivetrain and the power source of a light vehicle.


Parts per million, a measures of defects per component manufactured.


Propeller shaft, a type of driveshaft used to transfer torque from the front of the vehicle to the rear, or vice versa.

Propulsion source agnostic

The product is not only for use in an EV or ICE vehicle, but can be used in both.


A type of driveshaft used to transfer torque directly to the wheels of the vehicle and which typically features two constant velocity joints.


Sport utility vehicle, a type of light vehicle.

Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 etc. 

The tiers of supplier in the automotive supply chain, in which Tier 1 suppliers supply the OEM directly, Tier 2 suppliers supply Tier 1 suppliers, and so on.


Rotational force, which in a light vehicle is generated by the engine or drive system.